One day, a few weeks back me and my mom decided to take a morning trip to Söderskär Lighthouse before my evening shift. We had such good luck with the weather, even though it was really windy and therefore quite chilly, the sun was shining all morning. Söderskär is a small island with a few small cottages plus a lighthouse, it's about an hour boat ride from Sipoo. My favourite part of it was definitely the small exhibition of Tove Jansson's early work of the Moomins in the lighthouse on the way up to the top. Such an idyllic place.



I heard about this 'four make up item look' challenge, where you choose four make up items you would use, if you only could use four. These are the one's I chose.
♥ Instant Illuminizer, Rose dawn by LUMENE. The key to my summer make up look is glow, I love to look dewy when I wear make up in the summer and since I don't prioritise face make up, I make sure to at least use a good highlighter and the instant illuminizer from LUMENE is perfect for that. I'm in love with everything from the Nordic Light collection, but this one is my ultimate favourite. 
Roller Lash mascara by Benefit. Ever since I stopped wearing fake lashes in my everyday make up look, I've been on the look for a new mascara. I knew the hype around the benefit one's, so when I found this small tester version of their 'roller lash' mascara in Brighton, I decided to try it out, and oh my gosh, it literally paints on fake lashes. YES, it is that good. 
Sculpting brow pen by ISADORA. Eyebrows, of course. Honestly my favourite part of any make up look so it's no surprise two of my four make up items are for the brows. I recently found this brow pen from ISADORA and I really really like it, it's so easy to do your eyebrows with this pen. I don't pluck my eyebrows anymore so it can get quite hard to draw them, but definitely not with this pen. Highly recommend it. 
Eyebrow gel by NYX. You  might notice the colour of the gel doesn't really match with the brow pen, but it still works, I guess the brown doesn't show up that much from this gel used on painted brows, which is good in this case at least. Anyway, I can't go a day without this eyebrow gel, even on my make up free days I use this gel, just to give them a bit more colour and help them stay in place. Definitely my holy grail make up item!



The last month in my dream apartment has started and I'm having very mixed emotions about it. I'm so excited about moving to a new, bigger city on my own without my family nearby and startig a new life, but at the same time I feel a bit sad moving away from the town where I grew up. I mean, it's still only an hour away from my family, but you know, still. I think it's quite funny how easy it was for me to pack my bags and move to England when I was just 18 years old, but now that I'm moving 50km away from my hometown, I'm all of a sudden scared.
5 But like I said, my last month here is kicking off and I've only just now fixed the favourite part of my apartment, my balcony that is. I mean, my excuse for only getting it fixed now is that we literally get 2 months of summer so there isn't that much time to spend on your balcony in a year. But at the minute this is definitely my favourite spot to chill out when I'm home, a cuppa tea and some netflix while cuddled up in a thick blanket late on a summer evening is what I call a perfect night. 4



'It's not you, it's me.' Is something you often hear in movie scenes or books when a couple is breaking up. I've never really given the sentence a second thought. Until it came out of my mouth.
I've never personally broken up with anyone, so this isn't that kind of an story, it's not a story about how a relationship came to an end, it's a story about how a friendship came to an end. 
I've had my fair share of down hills in my life and one of the biggest problems I face in my everyday life is issues with trust and commitement. And I feel that those two qualities are the most important one in all kind of relationships, so when even one of them is missing, the relationship is gonna suffer in some way.
3 I went through a rough patch when I was around 16 and it continued for a very long time, I shut down and did horrible things to my friends through this period of time. Now, I won't be telling you the things I did, but at the time it felt like the whole town knew and I kept getting hate to all my social medias for quite some time because of rumours and, well, a small town. My friends held an intervention for me, if you've seen 'that' episode of How I met Your Mother, it was pretty much like that. And the intervention ended up with me saying 'it's not you, it's me' and that was that for that friendship.

Whenever you feel like your friends are treating you wrong, you feel like everything they do and say is to mess with you, but you've never spoken about it with them. Take a step back, is that really how it is? Could it be you who's the problem? It took me so long to realise that in this case, I was the problem. I let my past memories trick my head into not trusting them, I believed they didn't like me and did not trust me, when it was all just in my head. My friends literally had to trick me to meet them to be able to speak to me about it, and I still had a hard time understanding why they did what they did. This was now quite many years ago, so you know life happened and thankfully to this day these friends are still as close as family to me and I honestly cannot believe how they managed to stay by my side during all of this. To the moon and back.