I've finally gotten in on the hype with smoothiebowls! I was abroad in England and Holland a few weeks back and my mornings always started with some sort of a smoothie bowl. Not only are they really good and healthy but you can also make them so pretty, which may not be a priority for many especially in the early morning, but for slow mornings off it's perfect. My version of this bowl has soy yoghurt in it, but because of the banana you can easily leave it out, I just think it makes it a bit more thicker which makes it easier to eat. And if you want you can even add half of an avocado to make it thicker. Really though, there is no wrong way to make a smoothie bowl!

1dl blueberries
1tbs chia seeds
A bit of water
1 ripe banana
1tbsp whey protein powder
2tbsp soy protein yoghurt
1dl almond or oat milk

Mix it all together and decorate however you want! I used organic low in sugar müsli with fruit and rasins (my favourite!) and a little more chia seeds. So good.



After a while of making any change in your life, you notice small things within it, things that make this change easier and thing that might make it more difficult. Having a vegan diet, and the decision to leave out any milk and egg products over night was definitely a bit of a shock for me. So I've listed a few pros and cons within this change, and remember these are my personal opinions and thoughts.
1. It's a bit more difficult if you go to school, because for example my school doesn't always have a vegan option at the cafeteria. It often happens that I can't eat anything off the menu, even though we have four different options of lunch. Sometimes I end up eating a soy yoghurt and a banana, which is double the price of the lunch for so much less, which kinda sucks. Most of the time now I bring a protein smoothie and a few protein bars with me. 
2. It can be hard to eat 'right'. Before you start, really read into it, what you're leaving out and what you need to eat more of now to stay healthy and get all your nutritions. It is so easy to just eat vegetables and pasta because that's a safe choice, but your body cannot manage on that. You need your protein, in whatever form it is.

Even though there may be cons with a vegan diet, it's the PROS that beat any cons there could be.
1. I feel so much better about my body. I'm not a typical healthy vegan, but still, I feel so much less bloated and notice how my once tight jeans are getting looser. 
2. A vegan diet isn't only a healthy choice for your body, but also for your mind. I love the feeling when I achieve something, and to me it takes a lot of self-control to stick to a vegan diet, but I've managed it so well and this makes me feel great and helps me continue. I love the thought of not eating anything from animals and to notice how humans don't need to eat anything animals produce, we manage without it just well. 
3. However much you can crave cheese, milk, ice cream etc, for me, nothing beats the feeling of eating clean.



This month marks two years since I moved to my own place for the first time, which also means two years without eating red meat, because the minute I moved on my own I decided to leave it out from my diet for a few reasons:
First of all I've never really cared for red meat, whenever we would go out and get a burger for example, I would almost always go for the chicken option. I never craved red meat and because of this, I figured it would be cheaper and a bit of a fun experiment.
3 Another reason is that I started a quite heavy medication around the same time I moved out, and this medication had a lot of side effects, one of them being it could raise my cholesterol to the roof. A great tip I got was to leave out red meat, so I decided to try it out because I had no problem leaving it out as I mentioned. This medication lasted for 9 months and when I was done with it, I'd given up on chicken as well.
I soon realised I felt really good with a vegetarian diet, including fish at this point, so I kinda just continued, because I really did feel good. Both my conscious and body. Don't get me wrong, you can eat very unhealthy as a vegetarian (as well as a vegan I've noticed) but just the fact that the things I was eating, didn't have to hurt anyone else, and in my case, it added lots more greens to my plate, made me feel so incredibly great about myself. This was also around the first time I can remember actually being excited for lunch and dinner, which in the past I dreaded. I was excited to make lunch for work and actually thought about snacks, and how silly this may sound, that was quite revolutionary for me haha. I'm not gonna lie, so apart of me thought that being a vegetarian could sometime give me a free pass for not eating, because I have a history of friends giving me quite a hard time because of my eating habits. For a reason. But it really ended up being just the opposite.
2 There is a lot of discussion about vegetarians, mostly vegans, that they aren't getting enough proteins and I know that this is an issue, many people aren't looking into what being a vegan is, and how to do it right and eating enough of what we need to survive and feel good.
After two years I've looked in to this quite a lot and I've had time to test out different things and sources of proteins, I know what I like and what I don't prefer. As an example I don't eat tofu at all, it's just not for me, but beans and lenses are my favourite sources of protein to make dinner out of. I'm still working on this vegan diet, and really knowing what I need to eat to make up for what I've left out in my diet, but I'm getting there with lots of research and youtube videos helping me on the way.




Every year, you hear so many new years resolutions and they're often the same 'I'll go to the gym more often' or 'I won't eat sweets for a certain amount of time', you know the usual. Last year I had a resolution to be without meat for the whole of January, it wasn't the most difficult challenge since I already stopped eating red meat and chicken the year before, so basically, it was just a promise to leave out fish from my diet for a month. I did it quite easily, and just continued with eating fish straight in February. My diet is quite difficult to explain, I call myself a vegetarian because I feel like that's the easiest for other people to understand me, but then again, I do eat fish occasionally. I prefer to be without any meat, but I would lie if I said I haven't had chicken this past year. I don't like to put a label on what I eat, or what I don't eat, but other people seem to need it. For lots of people it's wrong that I eat some meat, like fish, occasionally, and then at some points I say no thank you to any kind of meat. I understand it, but then again, it's my choice. I choose to eat fish every now and then, while there are days when I couldn't imagine eating it because it doesn't feel right. This only concerns fish though, I would never go back to red meat, well never say never, but at this point in my life I couldn't.
Something that I've always wanted to try, is a vegan diet. I feel most at peace and so does my body when I've been without any sort of meat for even a week, so how would I feel if I was a vegan for a whole month? This is my new years resolution for 2018, my first, and only. I will stick to a vegan diet, that means, no meat, no milk products and no eggs, nothing that comes from animals. I have no idea how this is going to go, but I'm excited to try, I'm already easing in to a vegan diet, eating up all my cheese and eggs, plus I already have soy milk with my coffee. I wanted to write about this on my blog, because I'm going to do some updates, on new recipes i discover, difficulties I may have and just anything that has to do with my vegan month! Hope you're as excited as I am, and I'll be back in a few days to give you a little update.