Hope your heart is strong enough when the night is coming down on you

You tell me that you're hurt and you're in pain and I can see your head is held in shame, but I just wanna see you smile again. But don't burn out even if you scream and shout it'll come back to you and I'll be here for you.

I wish that I could take you to the stars I'd never let you fall and break your heart, and if you wanna cry or fall apart I'll be there to hold you. You tell me that you hurt, it's all in vain but I can see your heart can love again and I remember you laughing so let's just laugh again.

Texten är min favorit sång av One Direction just nu, så otroligt bra och ännu bättre ord. Alltid är inte livet bara dans på rosor.
// The text is my favorite One Direction song right now, life isn't always as perfect as you'd like it to be.

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