My weekend in phone pictures


This weekend has been one of the best ones so far. On friday I didn't have to babysit like usually, so we went to the local pub for drinks with a few girls. Saturday I woke up with the kids and when I was off I slept a few hours and then went for a coffee with friends, we decided to go to Watford in the evening to party. It's a place between Berkhamsted and London, it's not that big, but a lot bigger than here and there's a lot of places to go out clubbing and shopping. We went for dinner first at Nando's and then, after a lot of difficulties, to a club, it was so much fun! We finally found home and after 4 hours of sleep me and a finnish au pair from my town headed to London to meet another finnish girl, haha. We just spent the day walking around in London and later when hired some bikes and cycled around in Hyde Park, it was so warm and nice weather the whole day. I got home just after 8pm and fell asleep instantly.. 
For this week I have no plans, so I'll just see what I'll come up with!

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