Week 18 in England


Pictures from last week, the beginning of the week was really slow and boring, stayed at the house for the most of the time just working out, chilling and whatever I could come up with. Went for a coffee a few times but because I'm going to the hairdresser in a week I really need to save some money! On friday I had a quiet evening also babysitting and skyping with my bestie. Saturday me and a few girls had dinner and drinks at my place first, we ordered some take away and played some drinking games and later went to Watford to dance. It was so much fun, we got into the bigger club this time and just danced the whole night, my feet were killing me at the end of the night, and thanks to the change to winter time, we missed the night bus.. Had to take the most expensive taxi ever with the rudest driver, ugh. But I found home just before 4am and slept long, in the morning I made myself some pancakes and just enjoyed being alone (my host parents were away with the kids for the night) I managed to get out of the house for a few hours to have a drink at the rising sun with friends but I was still so tired from last night so I just came home in time for take away, again haha, and then I just skyped with my friends for the rest of the evening. 

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