Leather Jacket

Today I'm wearing my new leather jacket I found from Primark for only 23 pounds!(!!!) I've always had a white one so I've been thinking for a long time I want either a dark red or a black next. When I was trying them on I realized the red one really wasn't my colour at all haha, so I went with the black one. It's already so warm here I can't really wear a cardigan underneath it so it might be a bit problematic in the days but for evenings this is perfect. Yesterday I also bought the top I'm wearing, if I remember correctly it's from H&M for about 5 pounds.

I cannot believe it's friday already!! This weekend is gonna be great even thought I have to work a bit. Tonight I'm going out for dinner with my neighbour and tomorrow we are having a sleepover at my friends house with food and drinks, lovely. Have a good weekend everyone!