My Day - Monday

Monday's are usually just trying to get through the day.. I was so tired yesterday I didn't get much done other than my house chores, but here's is what a normal day for me looks like. Do you like these kinds of posts? Or would you prefer it in a video instead?

6:41 my phone starts shouting for the first time but I press snooze.
6:51 I have to get up, put on my gym clothes and go to the bathroom to brush my teeth.
6:59 I'm downstairs with the family and my host boy.
7:30 My host girl wakes up so I go get her and give her some breakfast.
8:30 Both my hostparents have left for work now, the kids are dressed and fed so we play for a while.
8:49 We're out of the door and on the way to nursery.
9:05 FREEDOM ah and I'm off to gym where I meet two friends.
10:20 Done with 1h cardio at the gym, so unmotivated.
11:00 Showered and dressed and I finally get to eat my breakfast; finnish oatmeal with rye bread and 'mätitahna'. I eat it while watching new youtube videos.
12:40 the kitchen is cleaned, the dish washer and washing machine are running and I'm off to town to the postoffice to send my little sister her birthday present.
13:30 I grab a coffee from costa on my way back to the house.
13:45 I make a fruitsallad with strawberries, apples and banana and eat it while watching some more youtube.
15:00 I realize i've been reading blogs and surfing the internet for over an hour and it's almost time to pick up the kids so I empty the dishwasher quickly and put my clothes in the tumble dryer before running to get the kids.
15:45 We are back from nursery and I immediately start making their tea, I found some pasta in the fridge so it was just to heat it up today! I also cook some broccoli.
16:30 We've eaten and everyone is so tired and grumpy today so we decide to watch a film, we end up watching Mulan.
17:45 Bath time!
18:15 The kids are clean and in their pyjamas and we go back downstairs for a little play before bed. I am just about to take my host girl up to bed when my host mum is knocking on the door, so I just tidy up the kitchen while she puts the kids to bed.
19:00 Up in my room, just lying in my bed listening to music, reading and catching up with my friends on whats app.
20:00 My host parents call me down for dinner.
21:00 I get back in my room, wash my face, put a face mask on and read a bit more before falling asleep around 22:00.

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