6 Things To Do Before I Leave

1. Visit Ireland I don't think I've mentioned it properly on here but in a few weeks (16 days exactly) me and four other girls from Berko are going to Dublin for a weekend, I'm so excited!! I would actually love to visit all parts of Britain, I guess I just have to come back to visit Wales one day!
2. Visit Portsmouth My friend went here a weekend and it sounded like such a cool place when she told me about it, so I decided that when my mom is coming to visit me in a few weeks time, we'll hopefully find the time to go to Portsmouth! It's a beautiful town in south England.
3. Go camping I'd never even thought about camping here, but when my friend mentioned it on friday night after a few drinks it sounded like the best idea ever! And I still think it sounds pretty cool. The thing is we just don't have any tents, or sleeping bags, so, we'll see haha.
Untitled 4. Go to a concert Hopefully I'll still get to go to a concert while I'm here in London! I actually have one (two) in mind but it totally depends on when I'm leaving. But fingers crossed!
5. Go out in London As weird as it might sound, I've haven't actually been out in central London yet. I've always stayed in Watford because it's ''easier'' and once I even went out in Brighton, but it was so difficult because I didn't actually have anywhere to stay the night and there wasn't any trains going in the night either, haha, well at least it was a experience.
6. Meet a celebrity Haha this is more like a dream than a 'to do' thing and this is so stupid I know, but like the chance to see someone cool and famous is so much bigger here in London (obvs) ALSO fun fact(!!) last weekend I actually saw Matty Healy, from the 1975, in Notting Hill, I was just too damn starstruck to do anything.

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