What's New?

I'm still alive! Lots of things have been going on so I haven't even given this blog much thought lately, also the fact that my laptop is taking it's last breath right now isn't helping much.. I'll just fill you in on the most important things that's been going on; I moved back to Finland already four weeks ago, how crazy! And to be completely honest I haven't been the happiest lately because of it, but my friends and family here cheer me up everyday. I got a summer job, two actually. I did not get into the school I applied to, I'm not too bummed about it because I realize it was kind of a long shot.. I wasn't prepared for it, but I still have plan B and C for next fall so I'll be alright. I guess those are the most important things that's happened and the next big thing is that my friends from England and coming to Finland, to visit me and Emma, THIS FRIDAY! I'm so excited. Also my job is starting on monday, I'm gonna meet some old classmates, go to concerts, a festival, celebrate midsummer and my dad's 50th birthday.. so it's definitely going to be a busy summer! Hope there's still someone reading this old blog & I hope you have a great summer.

I'll be back soon.

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