A subject we can't discuss enough is self love and respect. I hate knowing there are so many people out in the world insecure about their bodies. If you really think about it, you can hear probably almost daily people say 'I wish I didn't look like this' or 'I have too much fat here' or just generally complaining about what they look like. It's sad, and I know I do it myself, it's just that we're so hypnotised about magazines, models, celebrities and what society keeps saying we should look like and that we're not thin or pretty enough.
I mean, I'm not perfect, I'm well aware of that, I don't have the clearest skin, fittest body or whitest smile, but that's OK, that's what I like about myself the most actually. You don't have to be 'perfect', in fact, there isn't even anything that's 'perfect'. The beauty is always in the beholders eye, what you might think is perfect, is probably not even close as what I would class as perfect. I'm not saying it's wrong to try to look good or work on yourself, that's healthy, but always make sure you do it for yourself, not because you feel like you have to please society or anyone else for that matter. You have one life, spend it doing things you like and what makes you happy. You are incredible just the way you are, cheesy, but so true.

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Anonymous said...

very nice :)

Jasmine♡ said...

thank you :)