Bathing Suits

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I've never really been a bikini kind of person, I think I bought my first bikini just because my older sister did and I don't really like tanning either, I don't really care too much about it to lie under the sun as long and as naked as possible. Just today I was in the shops with my friend and she tried on some bathing suits, and it ended up like always, none of them fit right or looked good, according to her at least, and she felt really bad about her body and looks. I got this thought, why isn't one piece bathing suits a thing anymore? I think there are really nice one's atm! Perfect for people who don't really like to flaunt their bodies and might feel a bit uncomfortable in two pieces. Straight away when I got home I started looking for one piece bathing suits online, and I might just order one home! I really like plain and black one's, which you'll notice on my favourite one's from Ellos below, I'm trying to figure out which one to order home! Any ideas? If you like more colourful stuff, go check out their website, I'm sure you'll find something you'll like, and the prices are totally affordable too.
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