What I Eat In A Day

For breakfast I often make a smoothie, cut up a whole orange, drink a cup of coffee/tea with milk plus a pint of water. When I'm in a rush though I only drink the smoothie and coffee. My goal is to eat lots of berries and a fruit right at the beginning of the day.
1 scoop of vanilla nature-mix 
1dl milk
1dl quark
1dl blueberries
For lunch I eat mostly chicken and/or fried vegetables but this day I had two pieces of lemon fish with a side of sweet potatoes and some fried spinach plus tomatoes and a pint of water. This is my go to can't-be-bothered-to-cook-proper-food.

And dinner: A fresh sallad with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, fresh spinach and a hint of olive oil mixed together. I either eat heavier at lunch or dinner, but it really just depends on how hungry I am in the day. If I make a salad for dinner I often eat it for lunch the next day, I just add some chicken in it.
Since moving out of my parents house I've been eating so much healthier and I really notice I feel so much better from it, I also stopped eating red meat in January and mostly now eat chicken in different forms, it was the best choice I've made in a while. It is pretty expensive though to eat healthy but when time gets tough I go get a sallad from where my dad works, easy and cheap haha.


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