It's been almost two years since I moved to England to be an au pair but I'm still reminded about my time there everyday.
Something I especially thought about whilst my stay in Austria a few weekends back is how quickly you get friends, and most important, real friends. I have some friendships from England that might sometimes feel a bit forced, because let's face it, you meet so many new people all the time you can't be best friends with everyone. But then again I also made those kinds of friendships that it doesn't matter if you haven't seen each other for months, and sometimes even years, but when you finally do, it only feels like it's been a day or two since the last time. I couldn't really understand how I got from working as an au pair in England to staying in my former neighbors flat in Vienna. It's so amazing what a simple 'job' can give you.
Also, this is something I hadn't even really noticed myself completely before my friend told me just a few days back - I talk. No but seriously, I used to be so shy. I never spoke at family things and I always sat quiet if I was with a bigger group of people. I kinda just got over it whilst in England, because well otherwise it would have been a really boring year. I remember the first time I kinda noticed it, I was on my way to central London on a day off, maybe two months after I'd moved there and my friend who I'd met on Facebook and was supposed to meet up with never showed but I decided on going on my own anyway. Later that day I went to a pub, the only one I knew there, and I was sat alone for quite some time before I saw a guy sitting alone too, before I could think about it I just stood up, walked over and asked him if I could sit with him, he said yes and we had such a fun evening.

This is obviously something that continued when I moved back to Finland. Something I've heard from my friends parents is 'you're so nice now that you're actually talking' haha. And it keeps getting better everyday. I've already gotten so much closer to old friends and also met so many new one's. So even though I sometimes felt really lazy and like I didn't do enough whilst in England, I was so wrong, I was pretty much working on myself the whole time.

If you're thinking about having a year off studies or you didn't get in to the school you applied to next fall, I highly recommend going abroad, and working as an au pair is such an easy way to do it and just think of the bigger picture - it's not like you go there only for the job.


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Upea paita!♥

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Mäki oon rakastunu �� Ja niin mukava päällä myös!