Hey, hi, ho! It's been a while again, it might not seem so for you guys but my last posts have all been scheduled so it has actually been a long time for me, because, I don't even understand it myself but, I've been so busy again. This time I've just been busy having fun and the time of my life. This summer didn't start too promising, I thought it would be a boring one but after the festival at the beginning of July it's been so crazy! There has definitely been quite a bit of partying involved, very late nights with interesting people.
All this and the summer's not even close to done yet, next weekend is going to be filled with great live music, like last year, Popfest is happening again and this year I'm going for two days to see my favourite Finnish artists which will hopefully be as awesome as last year. And later this month we're taking a 6 day trip to two cities with two of my friends, can you guess which cities?
I got great news this month, finally, I'm going to start studying Media this fall and I cannot tell you how nervous but more than that, how excited I am. I decided to go out of my comfort zone and change the specialization of my studies on the day of my interview and surprisingly I got in. So this fall is going to be a bit different and a lot of time will be spent in Helsinki.
As you probably also can see, if you've followed me for even this year, I moved apartments here in my hometown and now I have a smaller apartment, but the balcony and view definitely makes up for it. I also live in walking distance to the bus station so I can easily take the bus to school, it takes about an hour to get to Helsinki from where I live so it's not too bad, I think I can make it. There are things bigger than an hour bus ride holding me back from moving to Helsinki right now and I'm really happy here.

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