Random Snaps From Spain


This trip I decided not to be too concentrated on taking pictures and videos all the time, but to enjoy and actually be there because the place is so important and nostalgic to me. But being me, I obviously had to take a few pictures, and these are pretty much it. We had such a nice trip where we spent lots of time on the beach, swimming, eating good food, reading (I went through three books haha) and on our last day we went to a city by bus that was a bit bigger than where we lived and there we did a bit of shopping.
It was such a different trip from what I'm used to, I always go to cities or to visit my friends in their countries, but this time it was just the three of us in a small village, just relaxing. I love the fact that I finally got to swim in the ocean after the longest time and I got a nice tan, but my next trip will definitely be to a city again.

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Marias Memoarer said...

Härliga Spanien, maten ser så god ut! :)