1. I want to be a really carefree person who's chill about everything and is able to do plans spontaneously, but I'm just not. I have such difficulties being spontaneous, I have my moments though, but most of the time I need to have everything planned by minute. Even though at times it seems like I don't have my day planned for example when I'm just hanging out with my friends doing nothing, believe me, I do. This is a habit that I'm working on all the time and am trying to get rid of.
2. I have played both guitar and drums for years and I love music, my favorite place to be is at a concert so one of my dreams would be to work within music, but still maybe more on the technical side of it. I feel like when I'm alone, I don't listen to music like a ''normal'' person, I get really in to it an analyze every instrument and lyric I hear. I just really, really love music.
3. So continuing the theme from fact number two - I'm currently studying Media culture with sound work as my major. Apparently this is not as common for girls as it is for boys (hence being the only girl) but I don't mind I couldn't imagine myself studying anything else.
3 4. I already know how many kids I want, what they're names are gonna be and where I want to be married, what kind of house and animals I want.. You name it, I have it all planned. Now I just need to find the right person to share it with, but, in like 10 years or so. I feel like this one kinda relates to fact number one.
5. I'm addicted to my computer instead of my phone like basically everyone else. I can sit on my computer for hours just scrolling through random things, editing pictures and organizing my desktop. I can always find something to do on my computer. If my computer ever breaks I'd probably get a breakdown too.
6. When I get excited I get lost in my words, I can't make a proper sentence and I think nothing else annoys my friends as much. I guess the most annoying thing about it is that I do it so casually.
1 7. I don't eat red meat. It started out as a health thing but after I noticed I can live without it I just decided to stop eating all kinds of red meat. I thought about trying a month where I'm 100% vegetarian, so we'll see how that goes.
8. I drink my milk with a bit of coffee, lol. Tea too.
9. I have four sisters, one older who I share both parents with and three younger one's who I share a dad with. The younger one's I didn't get to know straight away but only when the oldest was three years old and middle one was just under one years old, my youngest sister was born when I was living in England.
10. And yes - I've lived in England, just outside of London in a small town for a year. I have quite a few new readers here so this might be news to someone. So this blog used to be au pair themed and you'll find a separate page for my au pair posts under the banner 'Au Pair Posts' and there will actually be an au pair themed video coming shortly.


Jeannays said...

Vau miten upeat kuvat susta!♥ Fakta postaukset on aina kivaa luettavaa :)

Jasmine♡ said...

Oi kiitos paljon!