I always thought I'd be that kind of person that lives in the same apartment for many years just because I get so comfortable so quick, but right now I am currently living in my second apartment, within a year, slowly looking at new apartments. I'm not looking to move right now, but I see a big possibility of moving cities in the future. I absolutely love my apartment right now, it's in the perfect location, with a huge balcony and the nicest view you could get in my town, so I really love where I'm living right now, but since starting school in another town I have a whole new life there now which makes it pretty hard at times to live so far away.
But the point of this post is actually that I recently realised I've never showed you my new apartment! And I'm really obsessed with it so until I get the chance to clean it properly, here are a few detail pictures from my new, ahem not really, apartment.


Ida-Marie said...

fina bilder :D

Jasmine♡ said...

Tack! ☺️