Hey! I feel like I only write posts nowadays starting with 'where have I been..' or 'it's been a while..' whoops haha. Anyway, where have I been this time? Well, let's start by where the majority of my time is going, school, and now I don't mean only physically when i'm in school but all the events that come with being a first year student, spending time with new classmates outside of school, projects, online courses and basically just everything surrounding school is taking a lot of my time right now. We recently started a new term and we have quite long days at the moment and so much theory about the camera, sound and media production in general which is weirdly tiring, but really interesting. I've already had the best couple of weeks in school and I can't even imagine how the next four years are going to be.

You might have also already seen my last post where I posted a video, but if you haven't, click here to watch the video - I went on a kind of road trip a few weekends back with three of my classmates. One of my friends was getting a dog from Riga, so we took the boat to Tallinn from where we drove to Riga to get her dog and have a look around for two days and then back to Tallin for one day. We took my car and there were two of us taking turns driving through the trip and it actually wasn't as scary driving there as I thought it would be. I had a really great time through the whole trip and it was so nice to experience this trip with a few of my classmates.
I've also managed to get a job in Helsinki and it's not too many hours a week so it will be just perfect after school. So yeah, I'm pretty good.

Ps. I'll be going through the blogs and choosing my favourite one's from the 'link your blog' post next week so you still have time to introduce your blog, click here to get to the post. Remember, it doesn't matter if you write in English, Finnish or Swedish!
The pictures from this post are from our road trip to Riga.

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