1There are period of times when you feel indestructible, you take all the schoolwork you can get and all the shifts at work and you feel like you can easily handle all of it, who needs sleep anyway? This was me a while back, or to be honest, this has pretty much been me since the fall. I've been burying myself in schoolwork and jobs to get every penny and all the study points I could get. It wasn't until this week, that I realised it didn't feel so healthy anymore. I mean you can always work a lot, that's not a problem, that's good and it's something I aspire to do. But when all your free time also goes to worrying about school assignments and where to find the next new job, it just makes you even more tired. Your free time should always be free time and it's so important that you remember to take a break every once in a while. It may feel like you "don't have time" or "there are better things to do", but trust me, you will work so much better if you take a well earned break and then continue to work. I've been so focused on working on different projects I've kinda forgot this and I've noticed how my work has been suffering because I've been so tired I couldn't do anything to the fullest.
3 This weekend I got the chance to stay at my dad's place when they went to Estonia and I immediately took the opportunity and came here, I didn't pack any school stuff and I'm determined to just rest so I'll do better when I get back to working on my projects. I mean, three productions - one of them being my own, a job and normal school beside all of this, got quite a lot and to be honest a bit too much for me to handle. I will admit to having a bit of a meltdown thinking I can't handle everything, but I pulled myself together and did what I needed to.
It's great that you are working for your future but please remember to take a well earned break every now and then, I know I will.
2 Love,

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