I heard about this 'four make up item look' challenge, where you choose four make up items you would use, if you only could use four. These are the one's I chose.
♥ Instant Illuminizer, Rose dawn by LUMENE. The key to my summer make up look is glow, I love to look dewy when I wear make up in the summer and since I don't prioritise face make up, I make sure to at least use a good highlighter and the instant illuminizer from LUMENE is perfect for that. I'm in love with everything from the Nordic Light collection, but this one is my ultimate favourite. 
Roller Lash mascara by Benefit. Ever since I stopped wearing fake lashes in my everyday make up look, I've been on the look for a new mascara. I knew the hype around the benefit one's, so when I found this small tester version of their 'roller lash' mascara in Brighton, I decided to try it out, and oh my gosh, it literally paints on fake lashes. YES, it is that good. 
Sculpting brow pen by ISADORA. Eyebrows, of course. Honestly my favourite part of any make up look so it's no surprise two of my four make up items are for the brows. I recently found this brow pen from ISADORA and I really really like it, it's so easy to do your eyebrows with this pen. I don't pluck my eyebrows anymore so it can get quite hard to draw them, but definitely not with this pen. Highly recommend it. 
Eyebrow gel by NYX. You  might notice the colour of the gel doesn't really match with the brow pen, but it still works, I guess the brown doesn't show up that much from this gel used on painted brows, which is good in this case at least. Anyway, I can't go a day without this eyebrow gel, even on my make up free days I use this gel, just to give them a bit more colour and help them stay in place. Definitely my holy grail make up item!

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