After a while of making any change in your life, you notice small things within it, things that make this change easier and thing that might make it more difficult. Having a vegan diet, and the decision to leave out any milk and egg products over night was definitely a bit of a shock for me. So I've listed a few pros and cons within this change, and remember these are my personal opinions and thoughts.
1. It's a bit more difficult if you go to school, because for example my school doesn't always have a vegan option at the cafeteria. It often happens that I can't eat anything off the menu, even though we have four different options of lunch. Sometimes I end up eating a soy yoghurt and a banana, which is double the price of the lunch for so much less, which kinda sucks. Most of the time now I bring a protein smoothie and a few protein bars with me. 
2. It can be hard to eat 'right'. Before you start, really read into it, what you're leaving out and what you need to eat more of now to stay healthy and get all your nutritions. It is so easy to just eat vegetables and pasta because that's a safe choice, but your body cannot manage on that. You need your protein, in whatever form it is.

Even though there may be cons with a vegan diet, it's the PROS that beat any cons there could be.
1. I feel so much better about my body. I'm not a typical healthy vegan, but still, I feel so much less bloated and notice how my once tight jeans are getting looser. 
2. A vegan diet isn't only a healthy choice for your body, but also for your mind. I love the feeling when I achieve something, and to me it takes a lot of self-control to stick to a vegan diet, but I've managed it so well and this makes me feel great and helps me continue. I love the thought of not eating anything from animals and to notice how humans don't need to eat anything animals produce, we manage without it just well. 
3. However much you can crave cheese, milk, ice cream etc, for me, nothing beats the feeling of eating clean.

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