This month marks two years since I moved to my own place for the first time, which also means two years without eating red meat, because the minute I moved on my own I decided to leave it out from my diet for a few reasons:
First of all I've never really cared for red meat, whenever we would go out and get a burger for example, I would almost always go for the chicken option. I never craved red meat and because of this, I figured it would be cheaper and a bit of a fun experiment.
3 Another reason is that I started a quite heavy medication around the same time I moved out, and this medication had a lot of side effects, one of them being it could raise my cholesterol to the roof. A great tip I got was to leave out red meat, so I decided to try it out because I had no problem leaving it out as I mentioned. This medication lasted for 9 months and when I was done with it, I'd given up on chicken as well.
I soon realised I felt really good with a vegetarian diet, including fish at this point, so I kinda just continued, because I really did feel good. Both my conscious and body. Don't get me wrong, you can eat very unhealthy as a vegetarian (as well as a vegan I've noticed) but just the fact that the things I was eating, didn't have to hurt anyone else, and in my case, it added lots more greens to my plate, made me feel so incredibly great about myself. This was also around the first time I can remember actually being excited for lunch and dinner, which in the past I dreaded. I was excited to make lunch for work and actually thought about snacks, and how silly this may sound, that was quite revolutionary for me haha. I'm not gonna lie, so apart of me thought that being a vegetarian could sometime give me a free pass for not eating, because I have a history of friends giving me quite a hard time because of my eating habits. For a reason. But it really ended up being just the opposite.
2 There is a lot of discussion about vegetarians, mostly vegans, that they aren't getting enough proteins and I know that this is an issue, many people aren't looking into what being a vegan is, and how to do it right and eating enough of what we need to survive and feel good.
After two years I've looked in to this quite a lot and I've had time to test out different things and sources of proteins, I know what I like and what I don't prefer. As an example I don't eat tofu at all, it's just not for me, but beans and lenses are my favourite sources of protein to make dinner out of. I'm still working on this vegan diet, and really knowing what I need to eat to make up for what I've left out in my diet, but I'm getting there with lots of research and youtube videos helping me on the way.


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