I've finally gotten in on the hype with smoothiebowls! I was abroad in England and Holland a few weeks back and my mornings always started with some sort of a smoothie bowl. Not only are they really good and healthy but you can also make them so pretty, which may not be a priority for many especially in the early morning, but for slow mornings off it's perfect. My version of this bowl has soy yoghurt in it, but because of the banana you can easily leave it out, I just think it makes it a bit more thicker which makes it easier to eat. And if you want you can even add half of an avocado to make it thicker. Really though, there is no wrong way to make a smoothie bowl!

1dl blueberries
1tbs chia seeds
A bit of water
1 ripe banana
1tbsp whey protein powder
2tbsp soy protein yoghurt
1dl almond or oat milk

Mix it all together and decorate however you want! I used organic low in sugar müsli with fruit and rasins (my favourite!) and a little more chia seeds. So good.

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