Four years later, and I still start every day by drinking my same blueberry smoothie. I very rarely try out new recipes because I'm quite picky when it comes to my smoothies - hence me drinking the exact same one for about four years now. But I heard about this recipe from Tom Daley, it might have been on his snapchat, but a while back already, and I don't know why but the recipe stuck in my head. So I finally decided to try it out, and trust me when I say, it was good!
1 banana
1 table spoon of cocoa powder
1 table spoon of peanut butter
2-3 dl milk
2 The peanut butter might be a deal breaker for some of you, and I understand you. I could not stand peanut butter before living in England, but when your host child always, I mean always, leaves a bit of peanut butter bread uneaten, you'll learn to eat it so you won't need to waste it.
I'm definitely gonna start experimenting more when it comes to smoothies and when I find new one's like this, don't worry I'll share them with you!

Did you try out this smoothie recipe? What did you think?



Hey again! It's been a few weeks again, but no excuses, all I can say is that I've been enjoying summervacation. Not that I've been having much vacation, but you know, enjoying summer at least. The one week I had off between school and work I travelled to the UK with my friends, we spent three days in England, we went to Brighton and Berkhamsted, then three days in Scotland, Edinburgh. This time I decided to leave my camera home because as most of you know I've lived in England for a year and been to Scotland a few times now so I figured I've probably taken enough pictures from there now, plus, handluggage you know, you don't want to take anything extra with you.

Anyway, some of you might be wondering from my title, so am I moving for real this time? And the answer is YES!(!!!) And I'm sooo frickin' excited. I actually got an apartment with my friend in Helsinki and all of the sudden we're moving in in the beginning of August. I'm so sad to leave my amazing apartment in Porvoo but it's really the right time for me to move to Helsinki. I'm starting the second year of my studies in Helsinki in late August, so it will be so nice because of my long days to be closer to school. I've never lived with a friend, neither with a guy.. so it will definitely be interesting haha, but I'm sure it'll be great and we'll have so much fun. Right now I'm pretty focused on the move, there is quite alot of stuff that needs to be fixed and organized, but I'll definitely update you through the move!

Lately I've been missing blogging and vlogging alot.. so I don't know, I might do something about that ;-) Let me know if you have any ideas for blogposts or videos I could do.



Stay up to watch the sunrise
Go to a music festival
Travel abroad
Enjoy the rainy and cloudy days
Swim in the ocean
Take late night walks
Get guests from abroad and show
them around in Finland
Enjoy wine on my balcony
Go to a cabin with my friends

Pictures from last summer.
Take lots of photographs and videos
Work and study (blah)
Catch up on my reading
Spend lots of time in Helsinki
Spend late nights with new people
Practice on my Spanish
Eat lots of ice cream



I've been receiving the Bette Box home every month for about a year now and not once have I been disappointed, the May box was no different! It was, literally, stuffed with amazing and useful products as shaving gel, dry shampoo, a clear eyebrow gel by LUMENE, travel sized shampoo and conditioner by TRESemmé and so much more! A few past favourites that's arrived in the box has been anything from the Nordic Light make up items from LUMENE, Ziaja goat milk facial cream, eylure lashes and the LUMENE color correcting foundation, just to name a few. Already looking forward to what's in the June box! Check out previous boxes here.

''Bette Box on kuukausittainen paketti, joka sisältää kauneutta, tyyliä ja ideoita. Jokainen Bette Box on valikoima tuotteita eri kauneuskategorioista. Paketti sisältää sekä uusia että tunnettuja brändejä. Tuotteet ovat joko täysikokoisia tai matkakokoisia näytteitä, joilla pääset testaamaan tuotteita ja päättämään, sopivatko ne sinulle.
Tilaa nyt yllätyspaketin vain 16,90 euron kuukausimaksulla suoraan kotiisi kannettuna ilman postikuluja. Kampanja ei vaadi sitoutumista, voit perua tilauksen milloin haluat. Katso lisää tästä''