Current favorites

Polaroid camera
I've aaalways wanted one and when I finally found one in Urban outfitters I just had to buy it straight away! I haven't taken that many pictures with it yet, since it's almost 1 pound per film so I try to save it for special occasions.

1. Batiste dry shampoo, bought this one when I was back in Finland, it seemed like a good idea and I haven't regretted buying it! It actually works really good. 2. L'Oreal mega volume mascara, my new favorite mascara! They make my lashes look really long and natural. 3. Maybelline super strong nail polish, this is amazing! It's kind of an gel nail polish, but cheaper, and I bought the clear one so I can color my nails whatever color and just use this one on it for it to stay on longer. 4. Mac concealer, bought this by ''accident'' at the airport in Copenhagen while waiting for my flight, so I was testing make up just for fun when I came across this perfect concealer. Lately I've had a problem with spots on my face so this is perfect for covering them up.  5. Seventeen Tattoo me eyeliner, if you want a eyeliner that holds perfectly for the whole day (who doesn't?) then this is for you, I didn't believe it could last as good as it did. 6. Topshop 3 in 1 face wipes, bought this just on my way to the cash register, these are perfect for a lazy day when you feel to lazy to wash your make up off but still want to take it off easily, it leaves my skin kind of dry though so I usually put on moisturizer after.

Flannel shirt
One day when I was in London it was really windy and I had the most inconvenient skirt on me which wouldn't stay down so in a rush I bought this flannel, I've always wanted one so it's not like I just took the first thing I could find. It's from Urban Outfitters men's department and it's the comfiest thing ever, I basically live in it.

Book - Paper towns by John Green
Everything from John Green is amazing, so far I've read the fault in our stars, looking for alaska, Will Grayson Will Grayson and now currently I'm reading paper towns. I recommend every single one of them.

On saturday night my nose ring came off and I couldn't get it back :( I had the ring but it just wouldn't go through, I thought I'd lost it forever but when I was in Camden town on monday I went to a piercing place to put it in again, it had almost grown closed but not quite. Now I finally feel like myself again, yaaay.

Dr. Martens
Bought these babies a few weeks ago!! And I found them *read: Funda found them once I'd just walked by without noticing anything* in Camden town for 30 pounds less than normally, I'm so happy with them.

And lastly, the best thing, my tattoo. I think it feels quite special that besides me, only one person in the world knows what the actual meaning is behind it. Today a girl in Hemel Hempstead was admiring it and saying how she does tattoos, so if I want a 'cheap and nice one' I know where to go haha, I know this isn't my last one but I still think I'd probably go to a real tattoo parlor. 

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