I made a promise that I'll come home soon

5 seconds of summer - beside you

1. Straightened hair for the first time in such a long time, felt weird 2. Warm caramel latte on the train a early morning is the best thing ever 3. Got four cute tea bags in the mail a few days ago, had to try one straight away 4. Counting the minutes

1. Bored selfies 2. Morning coffee in my new skirt 3. Rainy walks to clear my head 4. Took a while to decide what I thought of cconut water but now I'm obsessed


Anonymous said...

Hej :) Sku du kunna göra nån video?
Fin blogg!

Jasmine♡ said...

Tack! Jo nu kan ga de, tar gärna imot idér om hudana videon ni vill se :-)