It's all in your head, Alice

Tonight my best friend from seventh grade messaged me telling me that a boy broke her heart and that she was so high she could feel the stars against her fingertips. I told her that it was okay to cry and feel angry but while she ate icecream and choked down self pity she had to love herself, because in the end that’s the only thing that’ll save her from suffocating in the memory of his hands on her scarred skin. Honey, go ahead and hate him. But don’t you dare drag a razor across your wrist or thighs or anywhere else on your perfect body because it’s no substitute for the lips of an ex lover and it sure as hell isn’t draining out your demons, it’s letting more in. One day someone will love you again, and dear god, it’ll wash away any blood or hurt you’ve felt in the last four years. I promise.” - Unknown (the quote has nothing to do with the pictures)
Hade helt glömt bort min kompis dimissions bilder jag fotade innan jag kom till England. Egentligen höll jag dem fara för att lite experimentera, jag skötte fotande men hon ville editera och välja bilderna själv. Började med att editera dem färggranna och traditionella, men fortsatte bara mer och mer och kom fram till lite annorlunda den här gången. 
I edited some forgotten pictures I took of my bestfriend a while back, decided to try something a bit different while editing.


iines said...

uuh, vitsit du ha muokka dom nice!!! lite annorlunda än din tidigare stil, men sjukt lyckade!!! :D

Jasmine♡ said...

oi haha tack! :D