London with friends pt. 1

Last friday one of my oldest friend from Finland told me she's coming to visit me in two days! Haha, she'd gotten 3 days off work, which is rare for her, so she booked the plain tickets straight away. On sunday I went to meet her in London and we came back to hang out in Berkhamsted for the day, we also went to Hemel Hemstead for a while to look around. In the evening we went for drinks with my friends from here and later out to eat to a local pub. On monday we were in London all day, I showed her around because it was her first time here, we just walked around in London the whole day. On tuesday we went back to London to visit the places we didn't make it to the day before, we got home a bit earlier because we were going to make my host family a traditional finnish dinner. We made macaroni-casterol and had a lovely evening! And early today morning my friend left to go back to Finland.. :-( 

I'll post the rest of the pics in another post.

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hihiiiii :3 kivoga bilder!t. uknowwho