Decided to (at least temporarily) take back my old blog. I don't feel like the blog I had with my friend was working for me right now, I'll still write there now and then, but this is my first blog. Also I didn't realize how hard it was going to be to let go of this blog I've had almost 6 years now.. I hope you don't mind.
Today has been a really good & chill day, I had a ''job interview'' earlier which went great! I'll know soon if I got it and I actually really hope I will because the job is like made for me.. *fingers crossed* After that I went into town for a coffee and just looked around a bit, came back to the house to watch some 'orange is the new black', I'm obsessed thanks to my friend, he said I have to at least try it even tho it's not really typical me, but I did and here we are now.. Anyway, tonight is probably the first friday night I don't have to babysit so I made some plans with a local danish girl to maybe go out for a few drinks, I have to make sure they won't lock the door again, haha! And tomorrow I'm babysitting a while in the morning and evening, but later I'm going to London to meet a few new au pair girls, we have awesome plans, I'm looking forward to it!

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Julia said...

Hej här e min blogg som vi sa! :D