Amazing last few days


These last few days have been so fun! On friday we went to the local pub and on saturday evening I had a friend over, we ate chinese food and watched Harry Potter. Sunday we went to the cinema in Hemel Hempstead with a few girls and watched 'what we did on our holiday' it was kinda weird, but good. In the evening we went to the pub again and ate and had some drinks. I just came home from a rainy day in London, I realized I hadn't been there in a while now and I actually prefer Berkhamsted haha. I'm just enjoying England and my friends right now, it really is starting to feel like home and I'm so happy I still have a lot more time here. I don't have many plans this week other than work every morning and evening until saturday morning but I'm sure I'll come up with something :-) Not long now until my 19th birthday and I'm so excited because my family's coming to visit me, otherwise I don't really care about my birthday, there's so much else going on all the time that I'd rather focus on right now. But now I'm gonna continue watching youtube videos and being lazy in bed, goodnight! x

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