Edinburgh, Scotland


On monday I got on the train to London euston at 11:46 and from there I took a train to Edinburgh, Scotland. The whole journey took almost 6h and it went by surprisingly quickly and easy. There waiting for me was my mom and grandma, my mom had come there with her work and about a week ago she called me if I could get the chance to go meet them for a day, I would have to get an extra day off but my host parents are so nice so it wasn't even an question if I could go! I stayed at their hotel room for one night, on monday we didn't get the chance to do anything else than eat dinner and have drinks but on tuesday we went early in the morning to see the royal yacht and after that we went to see a castle then we had time off so we went shopping and ate at a pub. At about 7pm I took the train back to London (or Edinburgh-Wolverhampton-Watford Junction-Berkhamsted) this trip was a bit more ''painful'' because I was struggling to stay awake and it was an hour longer, or two actually because the last train was delayed by almost an hour.. I finally got to sleep in my own bed a bit after half past 2. You could say it was horrible to wake up before 7am today morning. But the trip was amazing! I never thought I'd visit Scotland, the only thing is I would have wanted to stayed one night longer, but at least I got to see family even for a day, which was great.


essi said...

oih, mäkin haluan käydä tällee jossain! paljon noi junat makso? :)

Jasmine♡ said...

No mull oli tosi tuuri ku pääsin yhteensä 60 punnalla sinne ja takas! :-) kyll mäki ajattelin ehkä mennä joskus viel uudestaa ku aika jäi vähä vähäks ku en ollu ku yks päivä :)