These last few weeks have been so amazing. I never thought I'd meet even half as amazing people I have here. My host family literally feels like a dream come true and my part time job is perfect for me. So you can imagine how much anxiety it gives me just thinking about Finland and moving back to my hometown in less than three months.. My solution for this is, I won't. I made a huge decision tonight and agreed with my host mum I'll stay longer, we didn't talk about a date or anything, but I'll definently come back to England after spending christmas in Finland. This actually makes me nervous, but happy. And then hopefully next fall I'll be going to the school of my dreams, in Finland.

'When it feels scary to jump, that's when you do it. Other wise you end up staying at the same place your whole life.'


irppa said...

vike skola tänkt du fa/söka till? :)
ja e lite kade på att du bor i England, ja vill ocksååå :(

Sofia said...

Tror du gjord rätt val! :) Ja e så glad för din skull<3!

Jasmine♡ said...

Ira, ja tänkt söka ti Novia fotograferings linjen :-)

essi said...

oi ihanaa! mäkin jään pidemmäksi aikaa, varmaan kesään asti! :) itsekin menen jouluks kotiin, niin siistiä!