Starting to feel like home

My room is starting to feel more like home everyday and I actually really like it! I've started to buy some candles every now and then for my room, because it's starting to get really cold and dark outside so it's a lot more cozier! I also bought a cactus today, I don't even know why I guess I just thought I'd look cute in my room (Sophie and I went kinda crazy at the local flower-garden-kinda shop).

My plans for tonight were kinda destroyed because I have to babysit, but I decided to make the most of it, so I invited my friend over in the evening and we're going to order take out and watch a movie when the kids are sleeping. She's from Finland so I'll get to practice my finnish for once haha, hadn't noticed before I talked to her how bad my finnish has gotten..
ps. don't forget to ask me questions here!


essi said...

ihanan näköstä! kynttilät on aivan ihania :) meidän täytyy nähä nii saat opettaa mulle ruotsia ja voidaan puhuu myös suomee hehe! :P :*

Jasmine♡ said...

Haha :) no pitää ehdottomast nähä joo!