English Things

17 Food; I think english food isn't that much different from finnish, we eat a lot of food with prawns in it with my family and nothing's that spicy here, I notice my host mum might ''warn'' me sometimes it's really spicy but in the end I don't feel a thing. But also it depends on the family, we also eat a lot of pasta meals when my friends family might have toast for dinner. A famous english meal is also fish pie, which is basically mashed potatoes with some fish and vegetables in it, it's delicious. We never eat with the kids, they have their tea at nursery before I pick them up, or when they have the day off my host mum might cook them some fish fingers and potatoes at around 5pm, then they go to bed just before 7pm and then after that my host mum makes me, my host dad and her our own dinner. I think that is pretty boring because I'm used to eating at the same time with my little sisters in Finland, but that's just how they do it here, every family has it the same way.
Some finnish food things I miss are definitely bread, chocolate and milk. They have okay bread here but I miss 'ruisleipä' or 'reissumies' (finnish people will know), chocolate they also have here and it's fine, but I miss fazer's blue much more than I thought, just plain milk chocolate. The milk here is also so weird, I can't drink it straight from a glass, only in coffee or with cereal, it's so sweet and weird somehow, it's hard to explain. I usually just drink water or really seldom I might have some orange juice, but that's like no more than once in a month.
But I really love pub food, it's unhealthy but so good. A club sandwich, chicken burger or just a bowl of chips, it always tastes home made and it's often super cheap. You don't feel the need to go to burger king or KFC because you get proper home made food at pubs.
People; I think it's not even such a surprising thing to say that people are nicer here, or just more social. If you're in the train, on the bus, ordering a coffee, at the supermarket or wherever, there's always some smalltalk with someone. I've had conversations about the fire department, spiders and the weather (so english ha) while queueing. In the beginning it made me a bit nervous but now I'm just excited to be able to talk even more english. Also you might know that 'sorry' is a thing all english people say 152372 times per day, no matter what happens, who's fault it was, you always say sorry. And please, it's the same thing, always, to everything. It's a nice habit tho.
The thing is just I can't tell how many times someone just goes home and cusses about something, which I've seen my host parents do, multiple times.
You also get asked 'how are you' how do you do' 'you alright' about a million times a day, most of the time they don't even mean it, it's just a thing they say.
I would say that they are a lot more social at least, and they are nice I'm not saying otherwise, but I don't know if english people are genuinely that much nicer than finns.
Nature; The stereotype is 'rainy and cloudy' and yeah I guess it's raining and the sun is hidden most of the time, but the weather can get nice and warm. I didn't have to use my thicker jacket until mid-november and still I see people walking without jackets, but people are just so used to it here, my house is freezing and they still don't have the heating on all the time which I don't get, the kids walk with just t shirts and bare feet downstairs when I can barely manage with a hoodie and thick socks..
Outside it's um, pretty I'd say, but I feel like because we have so much more nature in Finland, I feel something's missing, I kinda live on the country side here, but the nature is so different something feels kinda incomplete sometimes. I have to say I prefer Finland's nature, but I absolutely love the weather here, the summer was so nice and warm, and the fall is perfectly chilly and a bit rainy and dark. Haven't experienced winter here yet, but I'm sure it's not going to be as cold and snowy as in Finland and I haven't made up how I feel about that yet haha.

This was just kind of a quick post, I've had a lot of requests about everyday life here and the differences between England and Finland so I decided to do both of them at the same time, kind of, if you still have something you wish I'd write about just leave a comment below!

Also I'm going to answer the questions from THIS post any day now so go leave your last questions!


Carita Liljendahl said...

Roligt att hitta din blogg här!
Återkommer senare då jag har mer tid.

Deas said...

Det konstigaste jag tyckte med England var att man gick med skorna på inomhus.. Såopraktiskt!

Jasmine♡ said...

Deas: Ja de har jag hört om också men så gör de inte i min familj som tur :-D jepp!