Catching up

Hi! Just thought I'd come and update you a bit, I haven't really been active on here lately, feels like I've just posted pictures to somehow keep this blog active. I hate this excuse but I've just been so busy! I'm a little bit, not home sick but just christmas-time-in-Finland kind of home sick right now, so I'm keeping myself busy to keep it off my mind! I also have a few really really good friends about to leave back to their own countries soon and that makes me so sad :-( this is the worse part about being an au pair, everyone of your friends leave at some point.. BUT we're going to make the most of their last weeks here! One of them actually lives like half an hour/an hour from my house in Finland so that's awesome. Anyway this is making me feel sad so back to the good thoughts! Yesterday I had some friends over at my house and we had so much fun! Everyone brought a present and we just exchanged them randomly and had alot (ALOT) of food, some british, french, swedish, spanish or finnish sweets. We had some mulled wine and just spent the evening laughing and being silly, I love my friends here so much. One of my friends stayed here until about 4am and we just watched the third Harry Potter film for the day.. Hahah, we're going to the 'making of Harry Potter' studio, i don't know exactly what it's called but basically It's where they filmed the films and you can go around and just look at all the places and things and so on. The thing was that I haven't seen them all, whoops, so when I found all of the films in ASDA for 20 pounds, I just had to get them. We still have 8 days, and four films to go!

Now I'm just having the worst headache because of too little sleep and I'm trying to cure it with coffee and youtube while I'm waiting for my mom to arrive! She's visiting me this weekend which is nice, could have gotten a bit boring being alone at the house since my host family is away for a few days.

Btw, happy independence day Finland! The longer I stay here, the prouder I am to be a finn.

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