Friends & fairy lights

Already a week ago, my friend who was visiting me from Finland left, these are a few pics from when she was here. She came on a friday, we just spent the day here in my town because I had to work, we went to the local pub in the evening for a few drinks and dinner. Saturday day we spent in London and in the evening we went out in Watford, sunday we spent in London again, it was a quiet day because it was pouring down rain, it didn't bother us too much tho. Monday we just spent here in my town before she left back to Finland. It was so lovely to see her again and it meant so much to me that she actually came, this time it won't be too long again until I see her and everyone else because I'm going back to Finland for christmas which will be sooo lovely.

I love christmas lights more than anything and London is filled with them now, it's soooo pretty everywhere. Yesterday there was also a 'light festival' here in Berkhamsted, and the whole high street is filled with fairy lights now, so nice to walk home after a late night at the pub with all the lights. 

I thought it would be so much worse being away from home at christmas time but I'm making the most of it here so I don't mind too much. Thank god I have such amazing friends here and my host family who helps me not think about home too much. Today we made gingerbreads at my house, we made the dough already on saturday evening and drank some 'glogg' with my finnish au pair friend and introduced it to my host parents also (who loved it btw) my host dad promised to make me some mulled wine, sounds interesting haha.

btw thought I could do something I still haven't done, that is actually taking my camera with me here in town and show you the place I've lived in for almost half a year now, if that's something you'd be interested in?

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