Day 227 in England

I've been here over 7 months now, my thoughts are still pretty similar as 81 days ago if not even better. I really feel at home here, I didn't think I'd ever would, there was a point in summer I wanted to give up after 6 months but thank god I didn't, these last months have been the best one's yet, I've met so many amazing people and it's actually really confusing me. Since my best friend from England moved back to her home country I've been thinking about when it's my turn to go, how sad it's going to be saying goodbye to my family here but also what a relief it's going to be at the same time. You will never know the feelings you go through as an au pair until you are one, it's so weird, because as much as you love it, love being in England and you love your friends and family here, you always feel a bit incomplete somehow, like, you don't think about getting involved with someone for example because you know you're leaving and also you don't feel like buying certain things because you only think 'well I'm only here for a while I don't want to drag them back to my country', small but annoying things like that. So it will be amazing to have just one place you live at and you know you'll be there instead of thinking that you're moving in a couple of months. I'm not saying I don't like it here, not at all! I'd definitely like to stay here if I had something more than just my au pair job, like a school or even my own apartment but I'm fine just going back to Finland for now, I miss my country.
So like I said my feelings haven't changed that much, and if they have it's for the better. Still happy and loving it here, now I'm just excited for the spring.


Lottalexandra said...

Javeeet ååh de e så störande!! Alla avsnitt e helt lame af o man e helt störd o så händer de någo jänskä på slute o sen e man ba helt störd igen haha :D

feliciaellenalice said...

Känne precis samma! Att man nog älskar att vara utomlands, men ändå känner som om en pusselbit fattas.. Kan inte förstå att jag bara har tre månader kvar i Tyskland, tiden bara flyger iväg.. :)