I'm Turning British (Apparently)

Lately I've been getting weird comments about me turning more and more british from several people so I thought I'd write them up and maybe in a few months I can come back and compare haha. I just want to say please don't take me too serious, I do not think I'm british or anything haha, I can just imagine how many people this would annoy if I didn't make that clear. I don't even want to be british for that matter, I am so proud to be a finn.
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1. ''You know you've been too long in England when you start drinking your tea with milk.'' My friend said this to me a few days ago when I mentioned to her I nowadays prefer my tea with milk and that's apparently a british thing, which I actually didn't even know. The funny thing is that it was actually my Austrian friend who introduced me to tea with milk, so it doesn't really make any sense. It's just funny because I used to hate milk in tea and just didn't get why people would do it and rant about how weird i thought people were for doing it, ha, but now suddenly for no specific reason I've started doing it myself.

2. The accent. Haha this should actually probably be number one. I mean, I've been here for over 7 months now, so obviously it's rubbed off on me. I speak everyday with my host family and learn from them, I also hear it at cafés, shops and pubs, literally everywhere. I live in a small town outside of London so most people I meet here are 100% british, well apart from the people I work with at the pizzeria, since they are indian. It was interesting to hear from my friend I'm even starting to speak some swedish words in a british accent haha, everyone's gonna hate me back in Finland because I won't be able to stop speaking english.

3. It's horrible to order a coffee in finnish because I always want to add the 'could I' and 'please' somewhere in there but it just doesn't work in finnish, in Finland you kinda just say 'one coffee' and that's it. I had such a hard time over christmas when I was visiting Finland, first of all I always started the order in english, after a awkward 'oops sorry' I couldn't find words so my order always went like this 'a coffee... *longest pause ever trying to find a nice word* thanks.' Finnish just sounds so rude.

And to finish this off, here's the most accurate video I've ever seen, haha.

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