My hometown

A few pictures of my beautiful hometown here in England, it's a small town about half an hour from central London called Berkhamsted. I absolutely love this place, it's small, but it really feels like home. I've been here such a long time I know and recognize local people now because I always shop at the same stores and go out for drinks at the same pub. It's also so lovely taking the kids to nursery because the people who work there all know exactly who i am and always say 'hiiii Jasmine' haha they even noticed when i dyed my hair. But it's such a pretty town, especially in the summer when it's really green and warm, the winter is a bit depressing but that's just kinda how it is everywhere in England because of the lack of snow.. Now I'm just waiting for spring here, it's already so warm here so I think it's going to come early here!

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Ihanan nättiä :)