Answers About Finding A Family

How did you search for a family? Straight away when I started thinking about being an au pair, I made myself a profile on Au Pair world, it's a really good site and there are plenty of both au pairs trying to find a family and families trying to find au pairs, it's private so you don't go through an agency, if you feel scared about going on your own you could always google 'au pair agency' or something like that and I'm sure you'll find one. On au pair world you can write some information about you on your profile, and for example where you'd like to go and how long you'd like to stay and so on, the families have to fill in the same things and if you find someone who's profile matches yours you just send them a message or they'll message you. 

-You have to be careful and look out for fake profiles.
-Always skype to the family first and if they've had a previous au pair I highly recommend for you to ask to speak with her/him too. 
-Don't get bummed if someone ends up not replying to you, they might just feel like you're not the perfect match for them or then they've just gotten so many messages from other au pairs. 
-Always agree what hours you'll be working and how much you'll get payed before arriving to your family.
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How did you know the family you chose was the right one for you?  I didn't speak with too many families before I ''chose'' mine, messaged maybe 2 or 3 and I only skyped with my current family. I just felt like they seemed really nice and they didn't need me too much, they let me know all hours they'd need me and I felt like I could handle it. The time they needed me from and for how long was perfect for me and also the location where they live sounded nice for me. So I let them know that I would be very interested and they ended up wanting me too so it worked out perfectly!

-Don't just take the first best family you'll find, look around before choosing.
-If the family ends up not being what you thought or if they treat you badly it's OK to leave them, but you need to warn them, you can't just decide one day when you're feeling homesick 'screw this I'm flying home tomorrow'.


Emilia Nyqvist said...

Thanks alot! Very helpfull! :)xx

Anonymous said...

Kysyivätkö ne sun lastenhoito kokemuksista ? Miten paljon sulla oli ennen au pairiksi lähtöä?

Jasmine♡ said...

Mulla luki profiilissa että on pikkusiskoja ja on kokemusta pikkulapsista mutta ei kysyny eriksee :-) oon ollu kesän lapsenvahtina 1 vuotiaalle ja muuten kotoota on tullu kokemusta ku oon ollu siskojen kaa :-)