Spring Weather


A few pics we took yesterday with Emma. I was actually supposed to be out taking pictures for a school project but we ended up taking pics of everything else haha, Emma even snapped some pictures of me, and if you know me at all you would know how uncomfortable I am infront of the camera, so this was a huge progress for me and it wasn't too bad if I'm being honest, just don't expect to see these kinds of pics of me too often.
The weather was so nice and warm yesterday, it finally feels like spring in England! Hopefully the temperature will stay like this from now on.

Do you have any posts you'd want me to do? For example about being an au pair or maybe about something completely different? Please let me know!

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Emilia Nyqvist said...

Hejsan! Är en 19 årig tjej som har funderat mycket på au-pair och speciellt till England. Men hur var familjesökningsprocessen? Och hur var just du säker på att den familjen var rätt? Har nämligen hört både bra och dåliga saker om familjerna.

Tacksam för svar! :)