1. You get to live free in another country. I mean, that's the main reason I did it. I was always so fascinated about England and it wasn't enough for me just coming here on holiday so I wanted to know how it would be to actually live here and being an au pair was the cheapest and easiest way to try it out.
2. You meet a lot of new people. The best thing about being an au pair definitely, is the people you meet. I live in a small town just outside of London where there are lots of au pairs, so we have all gotten to know each other and meet weekly, I can honestly say I've met so many amazing people and a few I could even call my best friends. I've also met lots of local people and also because I live in a small town I recognize people on the streets which just makes this feel a lot more like home to me. Just everywhere I go I meet people like that nice waiter that didn't want me to stand out in the rain, my co workers, the cute coffee guy, parent's at my kids nursery, the people from that night at the pub, my hairdresser, the barista at costa who knows my coffee order haha and so many more.
3. Improve your language. I just have to start off by saying how lovely it is when my kids grandma tells me everytime she's here how my english has gotten more british haha. My english wasn't exactly bad before I got here but I was so shy to talk, now I just don't worry about it anymore because I feel like I can say exactly what I mean and people understand me.
4. New experiences. All the things I've done here, from the big trips to the small coffee dates, such amazing new experiences almost daily.
5. The kids. Those kinds of days when everything goes wrong and you just miss home and your family so bad, and then in the evening when I'm putting the kids to bed I hear them say in their cute accent 'love you', it makes everything better.
6. Lots of free time. Depends on the family also, but I happen to have lots of free time, two days a week my kids are in nursery from 9-5. It can get boring, but rarely.
1 Negative
1. You live where you work. It's nice because let's say you start working at 7am, it's enough to wake up 6:51 haha but it actually is rough, you never get away from it, the kids or the family, sure you can lock yourself in your own room, but you still always hear them and know that they're there.
2. You don't have too much money to spend. It's not a secret that you don't make heaps of money as an au pair, I mean it's alright, but when you'd love to go on adventures every day off you have and buy all the cool things there are in England but that's just not possible. I've been alright since I got a part time job aside from my au pair job but otherwise I couldn't afford the weekly trips to London.
3. The food. A tough one haha, but the food at your house, yeah, they say you can take whatever you want whenever you want, but who actually does that? I think it's always so uncomfortable when you go and grab something when they are in the kitchen and also I never cook for myself when they are at the house. I don't know why but I'm scared I'll take something from the fridge they've planned for a specific meal or something like that.
4. The kids. I had to put this on the negative list also, but not because there is even a part of me that doesn't like them, they are absolutely lovely, but kids are still kids, they hit you and shout how much they hate you which really sucks and every time it really brings me down. There are days when I can't even talk to one of my host kid because he says he hates my voice, oh.

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Carita Liljendahl said...

Härligt skrivet inlägg - hjälper säkert många som funderar på att bli au pair. Och så roligt att få höra hur du har det. Kramar!