Weekend Trip To Ireland

Just got back from a successful weekend trip to Ireland with my friends! We flew there 6:30 on saturday morning and stayed at a hostel for two nights. We stayed in the hostel's biggest room, were there was 24 beds all together and it was fully booked, so it was definitely a new interesting experience. I was so curious how it would turn out, but it ended up being all right ha.

It was such a nice trip and I feel like I really saw everything I wanted and even more, the only thing I knew about Ireland and Dublin before going, was that that's where Guinness comes from, haha!
We walked all saturday around Dublin and then on sunday we were a bit slower and lazier and just sat in the sun in the park having a picnic and enjoying the weather for a long time. Oh and we had such good luck with the weather the whole trip, it was sunny and so warm the whole time!

We did so much in just two days, saw all the things you should see, that is; lots of weird but pretty churches, the leprechaun museum, a huge college and of course the Guinness storehouse(!!) which was one of my favourite parts of the trip, we got to see the history of it and how they make it, and at the end we went to a rooftop bar and got a pint ourselves and drank it while looking at the nicest view!

On saturday night me and Emma went by ourselves for a late night ''snack'' to the cutest diner! Picture below. We had some cheese & bacon chips with a kinder bueno milkshake and Emma ordered a peanut butter banana one, haha sounds so gross but I promise you, it was heaven. Also one of my favourite parts of the trip.
I also took lots of pictures with my camera but I will show them to you when I have more time! I'm going to go out with Emma now (because the 48h we just spent together wasn't enough..) because the weather is so nice today here in England. I loved Ireland and Dublin, but it's not too bad being back in England either since I just had the nicest welcome from my host family. Still happy.

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