Easter Weekend

I don't even know where to begin, this weekend has been so much fun! We went out on saturday night with my neighbor and we didn't even get into the nightclub but that was actually the best thing that could have happened all night because we ended up having the best night ever at a bar! So nice with lots of new people. And the next day we decided to go out again because they were having a foam party!(!!!) I was so tired but it was so worth going, there was so much foam at one point I thought I was gonna drown since it was literally up to my nose and I was tackled by a guy trying to be smooth so I ended up on the floor with all the foam haha. The walk (read: run) to the bus home was not as fun tho since our clothes were soaking and it was freezing outside.. But I had a great easter weekend! Today I'm still off, I just had to wake up with the kids but tomorrow is a normal workday again, now I'm just looking forward for our plans for the next weekend!

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