My Experience On Being An Au Pair

Lately I've heard about so many au pairs who have been treated the wrong way by their families and are saying how no one should ever even consider being an au pair, I understand them completely, it must be horrible to have a bad experience as an au pair since you are alone in another country, but I still want to put my experiences out there so people can hear it can be a good experience too!

I've been so so so incredibly lucky with my family, I pretty much ''chose'' the first family I spoke with, I wrote about it in my other post 'finding a family' and just now after I've met and spoken to so many au pairs about their families, do I understand how lucky I actually have been! I've heard stories about people being kicked out in less than a week and even cases where the police have been involved.

I have, well let's be honest, most of the time, clear work hours and babysitting evenings, I get paid when I should and enough, we agreed on the payment before I got here, which you should always do. My family understands I have a life here too, so I can get a morning or evening off here and there if I just make it up to them sometime or get less paid if I don't work full hours. If ever there's a problem with my family, we speak about it, there hasn't been much, maybe a few misunderstandings here and there but nothing we couldn't sort out by talking.
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My host family is also interested in my life and my plans for the weekend or future, we can have a laugh together and gossip about our crazy neighbor or talk about the kids. Which I've understood not everyone has with their families, so I'm lucky to have a host family who doesn't just treat me as an employee, which could get uncomfortable. I don't mind being home a day doing nothing on my days off because they don't mind and they don't think about what I'm up to all the time, if I stay home, that's fine, if I go on a day trip they just think it's cool and even if I want to go out in the evening, it's fine as long as I let them know I'm coming a bit later and not make too much noise when coming home.

They are also very fair about me cleaning the house an so on, I don't really have to clean, just the obvious, if I drop something of course I'll clean it up, empty and fill the dishwasher, keep the playroom, kitchen and kids rooms tidy, and make sure my own room is presentable.

Also I feel like the best thing that's happened to me here is that my english has improved ALOT and i've gotten such good friends here! Somethings and some people I'll never forget and I'll never stop being thankful for my host family for being so great and understanding. I recommend being an au pair to anyone who's interested in learning/improving a new language and open to new people and experience, just make sure you know what kind of family you are going to! And I always say this but, Skype the last au pair if there is one, it's more important than you'd think. It can be scary and it might not be perfect at all times, but just keep in mind the first months are always the hardest! But also don't be afraid to speak up if you realize they mistreat you or it's just not for you.

I could go on and on about good things about my family and being an au pair is, but this post would just end up being too long, so if you have anything specific you want to hear more about, let me know!


Heidi said...

It sounds like you have had a great Au-Pair experience! Your relation with your host family seems amazing :D

Maria said...

Så spännande att vara au-pair! :) Har inte själv testat på det, men istället varit på utbytesstudier, utlandspraktik och är nu bosatt utomlands och studerar på distans. Det kan väl få ersätta au-pair-erfarenheten antar jag :)

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Här är länken, ifall länken inte skulle funka så kan du söka själv på "Rese- och utlandsbloggar" :) --> https://www.facebook.com/groups/reseochutlandsbloggar