Up And Close With One Direction


I'm aware that we look absolutely mental in the pictures, but it was just so crowded you went a bit crazy at times haha.

I'm gonna start by saying saturday was one of the best nights of my life! I saw One direction for the third time in my life, but this time I actually saw them, like they weren't even 2m away from me. It was such a long and exhausting day but totally worth it! They absolutely killed it and mcbusted were just as good.

We had standing VIP tickets, so we got there around 1pm, we didn't have to que with the rest of the crowd because we had our own entrance which was nice, we qued for about an hour before getting into the VIP pre party room, where we got food, drinks, a gift bag and had our photos taken, it probably sounds a bit unneccensery but it was really good to eat just before, plus we were the first one's to get into the whole venue. We got to go in to the actual venue just after 4pm and then we just waited until Isac Elliot started at 6.30, so it was a lot of just standing and waiting with lots of annoying fans who were pushing everyone. Then after 7pm if I remember correctly, mcbusted started playing, and they actually surprised me, they were really good! They played for a while then when they were finished, we waited for over an hour until finally, One Direction came on stage. It was so cool, I don't really know how else to explain it. I was pretty much just focused on my favourite the whole time haha, but it was really weird to finally see all of them up Close and in my own country. I didn't take pictures or videos the whole time because I actually wanted to experience the concert with my own eyes, so I might not have the best pictures, the best one's in this post are my friends. It was sweaty in the crowd and everyone kept pulling your hair, stepping on your feet and hitting you in the face, I had a flowercrown on and it flew a few times haha. But it was so worth it. I just have to end this with a fangirl moment, Harry and Louis definitely looked at me, also, by just looking at the pictures, I wonder who my favourite is haha. But yeah, it was a pretty awesome night.

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