I've always adored people with tattoos but I used to think it wasn't my thing, when I was younger I thought you had to have a certain personality to have them. My mom actually said I was allowed to get a tattoo when I was 16, cause that's when my sister had her first tattoo, and I was really gonna take one, but at the point I felt so scared so I ended up not getting one and I thought that was it.
But two years later I was living in England, I was pretty much on my own all the time and one day when I was walking in the town next to where I lived, I happened to walk past a tattoo parlour and just booked my first appointment straight away.
The first tattoo I ever had done was my sun, it's the most meaningful I have, and still my favourite. It's a picture I've found on the internet and made my own. I had it done in the summer of 2014 in Hemel Hempstead at the Tattoo Shed by Ian. Hemel doesn't have the best reputation in Hertfordshire but they do make great tattoos. It only took about 45minutes and didn't hurt at all. I'm not gonna go into prices, but I'll say that this one cost under a 100 pounds.
I took my second tattoo about 7 months later, It's my origami cat on my right foot. I took it at the same place in Hemel in may 2015 and it was also done by Ian. This one hurt a bit more, but it was bearable since it only took about 20 minutes. I think I had this idea for just a few months before taking it and the price was around 50 pounds. I tried to take a better picture of it but trust me it's hard to get a 'nice' picture of your feet haha, so here's an old one I found. 

Later that summer I took my third tattoo, it's the only one I don't like to show, if I'm being honest it's not the best one and all I'm gonna say is; always go to a real tattoo parlour to get your tattoos done. Those who know, know what I mean.
And then to my most recent, and biggest one, which shocked a few of my relatives actually, it's the four roses on my arm. They mean a lot to me and also it's the only tattoo I didn't design myself. I took it when I was living in Karjaa, Finland where I studied photography for a few moths, and me and my classmate decided to go get tattoos, pretty basic. I found this article about a tattoo parlour in the newspaper and we checked it out and made appointments straight away. This one has been the biggest deal, it hurt like hell, took forever to be done and I couldn't move my arm properly for the next few days, but like always, totally worth it. The price wasn't bad at all either, it should have cost so much more than it did, but ended up being around 200 euros.

I know these won't end up being my only tattoos, it's true when they say that if you take one, you won't be able to stop. Also there are lots of people who don't like my tattoos or just tattoos in general, I have people around me who absolutely hate the idea of tattoos and can't bear to look at mine, I wish they wouldn't show their judgement as clearly as they do, but whatever, that's always their problem. Let me just be me and you'll do you. My tattoos actually tell a story but even if they didn't they would still be cool.

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