Summer 2016 Bucket List

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As every year, this summer I've made myself a bucket list and it starts NOW. Most things are pretty  basic while some are more planned. I have goals to achieve and things I need to get done for myself. This is definitely going to be a different summer and I'm so excited! I'll come back to this list at the end of summer and check off things I've actually done. What are some things on your summer bucket list?
1 Travel around in Finland
Go on a boat
Spend a lot of time with my friends
And also my family
Read lots 
Have a proper BBQ party
Spend, at least, half the summer without makeup
Go on road trips with my best friends
Go to festivals
Spend money in lots of different coffeeshops 
Meet new people
Go swimming in the middle of the night
Not stress too much about the next fall
Go out really late before a work day
Eat healthy and clean
But also party a lot
Ride my bake as much as possible to save on gas and nature
Spend a whole night outside
Spend time in my favourite town, Helsinki
Do something I've never done before at least once a week

Pictures from last summer.

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