A Few Snapshots

A few weeks back Iines was visiting and I took the opportunity and quickly snapped some pictures of her, she likes being in front of the camera and I prefer being behind it, so we're pretty much a perfect combo. A few years back, when we lived closer and saw each other more often, we always had random small photoshoots together and she's always been the only one from my friends who's always up for some pictures and I really appreciate it. We took quite a few this day and there is still more to come, just as soon as I have the time to actually sit down and properly edit them. 

If you are someone who's comfortable in front of the camera or would like the practice, hit me up! I would be happy to get a bit more practice behind the camera and work and meet with new people. (Around the Helsinki/Porvoo area) Contact me!


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TIDSTJUVEN.com said...

Tjusiga bilder! :)