Lot's Going On

These last few days have been really good, I don't know if I ever mentioned but last weekend I went to Austria with my friend, we went to visit another friend who lives in Vienna who me met while living in England, she was actually my neighbor there.We had such a great time there and there's lots and lots of pictures to come.

I started my summer job straight when we got back from Austria which is keeping me busy right now, but tbh I can't really call it a job and I really enjoy it so I don't mind it one bit. I also have some personal things going on, really positive one's, which I'm sure I'll post about when the time is right. And also me, my mum and my sister are going on holiday this month, so that's exciting. I'm also really looking forward to this upcoming weekend, I have so many graduate and birthday parties to go to plus a concert on friday night so it's definitely going to be an eventful weekend filled with friends and relatives which always makes me happy.
So basically things are really good right now, I have so much stuff planned it's hard sometimes to stay in the present and enjoy everyday instead of counting days to everything else, but I think I'm doing alright. Hope everything's good with you all. 


Emilia H said...

Upeet kuvat! Toi on totta, että alkaa miettiä hirveesti tulevaa ja unohtaa siinä samassa ne jokapäiväiset kivat jutut. Ihanaa kesää sulle :-)


Jasmine♡ said...

voi kiitos samoin!