I often find myself apologizing at times when I really shouldn't. If someone does you wrong, don't apologize for letting them. If someone mistakes your kindness to something more, that's their mistake, not yours. You have the right to say no without anyone calling you a 'tease' or saying you 'lead them on'. Don't apologize for being misunderstood or changing your mind. Sometimes it feels like you almost have to slap the word 'no' in someones face for them to understand what you're saying. I recently had an incident that made me think about this subject. I thought about how wrong it is how you feel so bad and guilty after something like this happens to you, even though you shouldn't, you shouldn't be the one feeling bad about what happened, the other person should, but often that's just not the case, sometimes the other person doesn't even understand they did wrong. Don't let them blame you for saying no, always know your worth and your rights. And also remember there's no limit to how much can happen before you feel this person did you wrong.

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